Company Profile Service

+ Consulting & Planning
       A successful site starts with a good planning that emphasize on creativity, functionality, usability, and interactivity. Whether your company wishes to enhance communication, creates a powerful presence, or strengthens brand equity, an innovative, easy-to-use site will make your company stand out on the web

+ Web Design & Development
       We have the task in identifying your exact communication needs, throwing ideas crossing the table, and reaching an agreement on a proposed solution. Our Creative team is proud of creating Client's website in the format of visual communication design, website development, and multimedia presentation. Tell us what you need to deliver, leave the rest for us. We will crystallize your messages, ideas, and requirements into a powerful communication tools.

+ Online Application Programming
       We are knowledgeable in system analysis and database development. Our team defines customer's requirement and provides development, implementation and training application services to clients.

+ Website Marketing and Brand Consulting
       Our internet marketing professionals analyze raw data and translate them into valuable marketing information for client's businesses.

+ Intranet System
       We design and develop private system of communication between computers within a corporation to effect communications between internal clients.

+ Web Hosting
        We are proud of provide efficient, reliable and fast service web hosting to client's website with our dependable maintenance system service.
Unlike other web hosting service, our servers are not fully loaded with hundreds of websites. No more than 30 websites per server.

+ Domain Name Registration
        Registering your Domain name ( is the key of protecting your business as your intellectual property